Year 1

In Year 1 we provide:

  • A rich topic based curriculum which enables all skills to be taught through a range of exciting and varied experiences.
  • Cross-curricular links across different subjects. Each term’s learning is based around a central idea i.e. ‘Amazing Animals’, looking at how we look after animals and investigating what it would be like to be a vet!
  • Stunning starters- which launch the topics including visits or visitors and ways for children to have first-hand experiences to fantastic finishes which celebrate what the children have learnt and achieved.
  • A curriculum which enables the children to ease into a new way of learning from the Foundation Stage, and which then prepares them for the transition into Year 2.
  • A curriculum which is tailored to the children’s individual needs, setting personal targets in line with our high expectations and which enables the children to celebrate the progression they make.

Follow this link for the DfE Primary National Curriculum